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Fundamentals of Ocean Floor Mapping

Category: 2021
The course provides an overview of the ocean's seafloor, its features,
properties and tools used to describe the seafloor. The course shall
contribute to the goals of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for
Sustainable Development, specifically the three societal outcomes that
are critical in ocean mapping: a) a healthy and resilient ocean b; a
predicted ocean and c) a transparent and accessible ocean.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Harrison Ong'anda

Marine GIS Applications

Category: 2019

This training course highlights the technologies used to measure Sea Surface Temperature and phytoplankton proxy data, as well as the main applications of these data such as primary production, fronts and time series variations. Participants will gain
hands-on experience with image analysis software to visualize and interpret the data in different contexts. Participants will get a brief introduction to some of the ways in which data from these different sources may be visualized and brought together
to give more complete information needed to support decision makers in marine management and policy development. Training will primarily be based on BILKO 3.4 and QGIS.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Faith Nicolyn Achieng Gwada
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Noah Ngisiange
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Harrison Ong'anda
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Nina Wambiji

Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services (Kenya, Mozambique)

Category: 2019

This course will provide knowledge and hands-on experience for the data, satellites and instrumentation, access and formats, tools and software for operational activities. A pre-course phase of the training will provide an essential overview of data, products and tools used to monitor the ocean and will focus on preparation for the classroom phase where students will work on a short project to learn more about the data and its applications.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Antonio Hoguane

Marine Biogeographic Data Management (Contributing and using OBIS)

Category: 2018
The course provides an introduction to the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS). This includes best practices in marine biogeographic data management, data publication, data access, data analysis and data visualisation. With the numerous datasets being generated through various projects and some old data yet to be captured in the database, this training provides an opportunity to manage this wealth of scientific knowledge.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Ward Appeltans
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Harrison Ong'anda

OTGA/KMFRI/UNEP Marine Spatial Planning

Category: 2018
Marine spatial planning (MSP) arises as a public process of analysing and allocating the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in marine areas to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives that usually have been specified through a political process. By mapping activities and determining the space for each activity, the process provides a characterization of current uses and helps to establish potential areas for future uses. This enables a policy process  to better determine how maritime zones are sustainably used and protected, now and for the future of African generations. This course will provide an overview of the MSP process, taking into consideration Africa’s specific needs and the 2050 African Integrated Maritime Strategy  as well as the expected impa…
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Harrison Ong'anda

OTGA/KMFRI Research Data Management

Category: 2017

The course will provide comprehensive training in research data management in order to lay the foundations for a common approach for research data management amongst researchers, repositories and facilities (including libraries) that manage marine data, thereby helping to ensure that the data is accessible, standardized and maintained over time.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Harrison Ong'anda