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What is the OceanTeacher Global Academy

The OTGA e-learning platform offers online training on a wide range of topics related to ocean science.


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The OceanTeacher Global Academy (OTGA) has established a global network of Regional and Specialised Training Centres (RTCs & STCs) to deliver customised training for ocean experts and professionals to increase national and regional capacity in coastal and marine sciences, services and management.

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    Apply now for the 13th Advanced Phytoplankton Course- Identification, Taxonomy, Systematics

    by Sofie de Baenst -

    APC13 aims to provide participants with up-to-date expert knowledge on the identification and taxonomy of marine diatoms, dinoflagellates, coccolithophores and other phytoflagellates. The intensive 3-week program consists of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions during which participants will be trained in classical techniques integrated by new approaches of automated imaging and molecular taxonomy. Participants will examine a diverse collection of preserved and live material, which will be identified with the aid of up-to-date taxonomic literature, and learn how sequence data resources can be used for identification purpose. Tutors will provide demonstrations of strain isolation and maintenance, preparation and observation of material in electron microscopy, and automated imaging tools. 

    In addition to criteria and methods for species identification in the different algal groups with various tools (light and electron microscopy, automated imaging tools, sequence data), course topics will include aspects of phytoplankton classification, cell ultrastructure, molecular phylogeny, biodiversity, ecology, biogeography, and harmful algal blooms. 

    This onsite course takes place in Napels, Italy, 6- 26 October 2023.
    More info:

    APC13 TC

    Ocean Literacy self-paced training courses

    by Sofie de Baenst -

    A series of self-paced Ocean Literacy training courses has been developed by IOC-UNESCO, specifically targeting educators, media professionals, architects and urban planners, government officials and civil society and are hosted on IOC-UNESCO’s training platform, OceanTeacher Global Academy. These self-paced courses include lectures, case-studies, video messages from guest speakers, quizzes and online forums, as well as recorded webinars.

    Available until December 2024


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