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What is the OceanTeacher Global Academy

The OTGA e-learning platform offers online training on a wide range of topics related to ocean science.


Understand how the OTGA Platform works

This video describes how to register on the OceanTeacher e-Learning Platform and have access to selected courses,

The OceanTeacher Global Academy (OTGA) has established a global network of Regional and Specialised Training Centres (RTCs & STCs) to deliver customised training for ocean experts and professionals to increase national and regional capacity in coastal and marine sciences, services and management.

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    third meeting of the Steering Group for the OceanTeacher Global Academy

    by Sofie de Baenst -

    The third meeting of the Steering Group for the OceanTeacher Global Academy (SG-OTGA) was held from 21-23 November. This hybrid meeting reviewed the activities of the 17 OTGA Regional and Specialized Training Centres. During 2022, a total of 29 online training courses were delivered by the global network with over 2200 applications received and more than 1300 learners enrolled in courses which were delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition, 17 online training courses were hosted by the OTGA e-learning platform on behalf of partner organizations. The SG-OTGA prepared a work plan for the 2023-24 period and elected Mr Udaya Bhaskar (RTC India) and Mr Aidy Muslim (RTC Malaysia) as Co-chairs for the next intersessional period.

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