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Courses tagged with "OBIS"

World Register of Marine Species (for editors)

Category: 2022
Language: English
RTC/STC: RTC Belgium
Affiliates: VLIZ
Mode of Delivery: Online
IOC Programme: OBIS
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
The overall objective is to familiarize Aphia/WoRMS editors with the functionalities of the online editing platform, and the guidelines on how to enter specific information into the database. Aphia/WoRMS editors will gain (a better) understanding of WoRMS and the Aphia platform and will be able to add and adjust taxa, attributes, distributions, etc through the online editing interface of the WoRMS website. Attendance by invitation only.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Wim Decock
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Stefanie Dekeyzer
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Leen Vandepitte

Publicación y gestión de datos de biodiversidad marina (The Ocean Biodiversity Information System - OBIS)

Category: 2021
Language: Spanish
RTC/STC: RTC Colombia
Mode of Delivery: Online
IOC Programme: OBIS
Country: Colombia (CO)
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
Construir un conocimiento básico de los datos de la biodiversidad marina a través de OBIS para introducir los estándares y formatos de datos para la publicación (IPT), el procesamiento, el acceso, el análisis y la visualización.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Eduardo Klein
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Julian Pizarro
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Venus Lorena Rocha

Contributing datasets to EMODnet Biology

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
Training originally set up for EMODnet Biology Partners (June 2020). During the Summer of 2020, this training course was opened up for self-enrolment, allowing all scientists & data managers access to its content. This way, they can use the available material to learn how to format, standardize and quality control their biological data for submission to e.g. the European node of the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (EurOBIS) or any other node within the OBIS network.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Joana Beja
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Menashè Eliezer
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Salvador Fernández Bejarano
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Vasilis Gerovasileiou
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Ruben Perez
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Leen Vandepitte