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Seaweed diversity: an Ecuadorian perspective (Tropical East Pacific)

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
To ensure food and job security, food production systems need to be innovated so that they protect the environment, mitigate climate change and become more climate-resilient. This is an opportunity for seaweed culture which captures nutrients and CO2 and does not need freshwater or fertilizers. In Ecuador, edible seaweed is being produced by small farmers, but a sustainable biomass valorization strategy is missing. Moreover, a good knowledge of the existing seaweed species is still lacking.

This course offers an introduction to the diversity, taxonomy and biogeography of the seaweeds of the Tropical East Pacific (Ecuador), in the framework of the project Seaweed-based innovations for a resilient aquaculture and agriculture (SIRENA funded by VLIR-UOS).
  • Course Editor / Instructor: peter bossier
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Olivier De Clerck
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Frederik Leliaert
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Adrian Marquez
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Sofie Van Den Hende

Estandarización de las mediciones analíticas requeridas para la estimación del índice de Calidad de Aguas Marinas y Costeras

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher

El curso proporciona las herramientas para las mediciones analíticas de las 10 variables
empleadas para calcular el Índice de Calidad de Aguas Marinas y Costeras -ICAM, siguiendo un
protocolo estandarizado que asegure la calidad y homogeneidad de los
resultados, para ser comparables a nivel nacional. Además, se bridarán conceptos
básicos, forma de calcular, reportar e interpretar el ICAM, a
través de aplicaciones de casos prácticos.

  • Course Editor / Instructor: CESAR AUGUSTO BERNAL
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Luisa-Fernanda Espinosa-Diaz
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Ostin Garcés Ordóñez
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Paola Obando Madera

Tecnologías de Información (SIG) aplicado al medio Marino y Costero

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
El curso proporciona conocimientos básicos acerca de los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (SIG) y su aplicación en temas marinos y costeros. Esto incluye temas como: métodos de adquisición de datos, técnicas de procesamiento, análisis espacial e interpretación de datos, creación de productos basados en los resultados de los análisis y métodos de publicación.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Julian Pizarro
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Venus Lorena Rocha

Contributing datasets to EMODnet Biology

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
Training originally set up for EMODnet Biology Partners (June 2020). During the Summer of 2020, this training course was opened up for self-enrolment, allowing all scientists & data managers access to its content. This way, they can use the available material to learn how to format, standardize and quality control their biological data for submission to e.g. the European node of the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (EurOBIS) or any other node within the OBIS network.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Joana Beja
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  • Course Editor / Instructor: Vasilis Gerovasileiou
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  • Course Editor / Instructor: Leen Vandepitte

Quality Management System Essentials for NODCs and ADUs

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
This training workshop provides an introduction for NODCs and ADUs involved in the development, implementation and management of a Quality Management System which will assist in the adoption of comprehensive management practices and increased confidence in the quality of their data, products and services.
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Ramona Carr
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Adam Leadbetter
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Rob Thomas

Train the Trainers: Tools & techniques for teaching about Copernicus marine data

Category: 2020
Calendar Groups: OceanTeacher
The current suite of Earth Observation satellites offer access to an unprecedented amount of information on the marine environment. Concurrently, there is a growing demand in research, governance, and commercial marine sectors, for personnel who can use this data. Training providers across these sectors is essential for maximizing the utility of this data and building necessary capacity. This course offers participants the opportunity to work with other trainers to incorporate the use of Copernicus marine data from EUMETSAT in to their own educational activities. Participants will learn how to use open access resources available through EUMETSAT and the Copernicus programme, and co-develop their own resources with a network of fellow participants and trainers from IODE, EUMETSAT and CMEMS…
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Lauren Biermann
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Oliver Clements
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Claudia Delgado
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Hayley Evers-King
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