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OBIS Nodes Training Course

Category: 2017

Training the OBIS nodes and the trainers (at the OBIS nodes and OceanTeacher regional training centres) was considered a top priority at the last SG-OBIS meeting. The training will include: 

The application of ratified Darwin Core terms 

OBIS-ENV-DATA standard (combining sampling events, occurrences, abiotic+ biotic measurements and sampling facts). 

QC tools (including the OBIS tools R package:

Data publication (IPT), including metadata management 

Data access and visualization (including the OBIS R package:

There will be time for discussions and tackling specific use cases including output.

  • Course Editor / Instructor: Ward Appeltans
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Pieter Provoost

Ocean-colour data in climate studies

Category: 2017
18 – 22 September 2017 Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK The course will deliver training in ocean-colour data and their applications in climate studies. Remote sensing experts from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) will guide students through a combination of lectures and computer-based exercises covering the following topics: Introduction to ocean colour; Modelling primary production; Ocean colour applications for ecosystem state assessment; Climate impacts and feedbacks; Ocean colour in data assimilation; Dataset archive, management, visualisation and analysis. Students will also have opportunity of informal discussion with instructors outside of the formal lectures. A visit of the NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS) that is hosted at PML will be pr…

NF-POGO Centre of Excellence. Marine Spatial Planning Module

Unit on Marine Spatial Planning

  • Course Editor / Instructor: Eva-Maria Brodte
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Kira Gee
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Andreas Kannen
  • Course Editor / Instructor: Baerbel Wichmann