FAIR-EASE is dedicated to opening gateways for the field of earth and environmental sciences by addressing the limitations of the current digital architecture. Our primary focus is to facilitate integrated use of environmental data, overcoming the challenges posed by distributed and domain-specific data repositories. In this second webinar FAIR-EASE will discuss the "Data Lake" infrastructure improving access to data both in terms of data harmonisation and in terms of technical efficiency of data access.

The objective of this meeting is to engage external communities, communicate our vision, and solicit valuable feedback.


  •     15:00 - 15:05: Welcome
  •     15:05 - 15:20: From Data Lake to Data Space - Marc Portier (VLIZ)
  •     15:20 - 15:35: Novel approaches for decentralized knowledge graph querying in Data Space contexts - Julian Andres Rojas Melendez (UGent-imec)
  •     15:35 - 15:50: Examind and Geospatial Interoperability - Dorian Ginane (Geomatys)
  •     15:50 - 16:00: Q&A, Wrap-up & closure

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