The topics in this course provide a general overview for participants and are not intended to provide in-depth technical information. Additional resources are suggested for further reading.

Given the diversity of background and experience of attendees, some topics addressed may be familiar to some participants.

Participants that followed the General Ocean Literacy Course or any other sectorial course (eg. Educators or Government) are not expected to repeat some activities but are welcome to do so.

The General Ocean Literacy Course and the Sectorial Courses are now open to all interested individuals in case you wish to follow those additional courses.

We suggest that you follow this course in the order provided below, but you are welcome to explore the different topics  in the order you consider most convenient. You will find a navigation list on the left side of your screen.

Please complete the Baseline Ocean Literacy survey in this section (link below) prior to accessing other sections.

Some sections contain quizzes and you are welcome to complete all materials to complement your learning experience.

We welcome you to use the forums to discuss and meet with other colleagues also attending the course!

The course also provides a selection of videos, we suggest you to select the 'full screen' option when viewing these.

IMPORTANT: Some videos may take more time to buffer, we suggest the participants open the videos as "new tabs" and buffer the videos before watching. 

IMPORTANT: The Webinar recording that is present in this course is the recording of the 1st edition of the Course. No Webinars will be held for the self-paced courses.

IMPORTANT: The boundaries, names, and designations shown on maps featured in this course do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the UN.

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