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Glad to be part of this journey with you all

Glad to be part of this journey with you all

by Rosemary Dautei -
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Greetings dear team,

I'm Rosemary, usually I look after inshore marine projects at IAS/USP. 

I thought to share here that I grew up by the ocean too and worked in coastal areas across Fiji so have beautiful memories of the richness of its living resources. In both clusters overtime I have witnessed the silent alteration of these marine jewels in abundance and the likes due to both natural causes or otherwise. In some unlucky areas these resources and their habitats are even altered by invasives.

While I've only heard of but with no experience at all on eDNA sequencing, I look forward to learning and sharing collectively about this tool and how it can be put to revamp the good 'ol times and advantage of our Pacific Islands, whose livelihood almost entirely relies on the ocean and its treasured resources.

Glad to be part of this journey.