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    Note:  please explore the contents of this course as a self-learning course. Note however that the contents of this training course were designed for a face to face context. As such, some features (assignments, discussion fora, etc) may not work properly and we cannot ensure tutor support. For any queries please contact ioc.training@unesco.org and we will do our best to redirect you to an expert that can assist you. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Topic 3: Sensors inside out

    This topic is divided in four parts and is composed of several lectures: on oxygen sensors (by Henry Bittig), on bio-optical sensors (by Nathan Briggs), on pH sensors (by Dariia Atamanchuk and Phil Bresnahan), and on pCO2 sensors (by Ingunn Skjelvan and Craig Neill). 


Topic 2: Coordinated global observing networks for marine biogeochemistryTopic 4: Interfacing sensors