Topic outline

  • General


    Geospatial science provides vital information on the sustainable use of the coastal resource and planning. It an imperative use such techniques for managing densely populated coastal environs. This course provides an overview of GIS applications pertaining to coastal mapping. It will provide the basic GIS mapping techniques on coastal erosion, mangrove and coral reef using open source GIS tools. Course also includes data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation of coastal spatial data. In addition extensive hands on sessions will be conducted to use tools for preparation of thematic base maps for coastal monitoring. 

    Aims and Objectives

    • To Provide an introduction to GIS for marine applications
    • Utilization of open source spatial data
    • To provide hands on GIS applications pertaining to coastal zones (Erosion, Mangrove, Coral Reef) using open source GIS tools
    • Generation of thematic map

    Learning Outcomes

    • Knowledge on understanding of spatial data: raster and vector models
    • Core tasks involved in the GIS analysis process including data acquisition, management, manipulation and analysis, and presentation and output
    • Use of QGIS, GRASS tools and Plug-in tools
    • Creating and editing spatial data
    • Basic understanding of coastal and marine GIS data applications

    Target Audience

    Target audiences include, but  are not limited to, the following:

    • Ocean and coastal data managers
    • Staff and researchers working on marine GIS applications
    • University graduates

    Course Pre-requisites:

    • Candidates should have a working knowledge of marine data and formats and preferably be working in institution which is responsible for the management of marine data
    • This training course is not an introduction to GIS so candidates are expected to have some previous experience in the use of GIS
    • Working knowledge of English
    • Participants should preferably bring their own laptops.

    Course dates: 26-30 November, 2018

    Duration: 5 working days (~ 30 hours classroom sessions, plus eventual online assignments)

    Course Venue: ITCOocean, INCOIS, Hyderabad, India


    Names of selection committee:-

    • Mr. RS Mahendra
    • Dr. Prakash C Mohanty
    • Dr. TVS Udayabhaskar

    Link to event details and participants

  • Pre Course Assignment

    • Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS

      by K. H. Rao

      • Introduction to QGIS Software and other open source software

        N. Kiran Kumar

        • Generation of basemap and Visualization of spatial data-I

          Prakash C Mohanty

          • Generation of basemap and Visualization of spatial data-II

            Prakash C Mohanty

            • Introduction to Coastal Mapping and Monitoring using RS and GIS

              K.H. Rao

              • Geospatial Applications of Hazard Mapping

                Prakash C Mohanty

                • Hands on: Coastal Risk Assessment (Tsunami)

                  Prakash C Mohanty

                  • Hands on: Coastal Risk Assessment (Storm Surge)

                    Prakash C Mohanty

                    • Shoreline Mapping

                      Prakash C Mohanty

                      • Geospatial Applications of Mangrove and Coral Reef Mapping

                        S. K. Dash

                        • Hands on: Coral Reef Mapping

                          H Shivakumar

                          • Hands on: Mangrove Mapping

                            Sai P Bharadwaj

                            • Generation of coral reef and mangrove maps

                              Prakash C Mohanty

                              • Participant Presentation on Coastal Risk assessment

                                • Hands on: Converting Tabular Data into Vector Format

                                  Chandra Sekhar V

                                  • Working with secondary data (sea level, NGDC data)

                                    Chandra Sekhar V

                                    • Generation of DEM using ASCII data

                                      Sai P Bharadwaj

                                      • Generation of contours, slope and aspect using DEM

                                        Sai P Bharadwaj

                                        • Participant Presentation on Feature Extraction (classification technique)

                                          • Map composition and generation of KML

                                            H Shivakumar

                                            • Open source data and geospatial tools

                                              N. Kiran Kumar

                                              • Course Feedback and Closing Ceremony

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