Topic outline

  • Summary

    This week long workshop provides an introduction to basic tidal theory and the factors that affect the tides and tidal stream/ current. As an introductory workshop, the Tides and Water Levels Technical Workshop is aimed at countries wishing to develop their tidal capabilities. The ultimate aim is to ensure that tide gauges within a region are installed and referenced correctly to a common national datum thus allowing Member States to provide reliable, accurate tidal data to the international community.

    Course structure:

    • An overview of various types of equipment used to measure tides and tidal stream
    • An explanation and demonstrations on how to correctly install a tide gauge, find the tide gauge zero and calibrate the equipment
    • An introduction into tidal analysis and prediction methods
    • A practical session giving first-hand knowledge of the equipment used to level a tide gauge into the national benchmark system, as well as how to carry out basic maintenance and repairs

    Learning outcomes:

    At the end of the course, the participant should be able to:

    • Choose proper locations to install a tide gauge

    • Develop their own tidal networks

    • Gather and store the best quality data possible


    Tide, Tidal Theory, Tide gauges, Measurement, Data management


    • Ruth Farre (BSc. Cert. Nat. Sci.), South African Navy Hydrographic Office

    Contents developed by Ruth Farre (South African Navy Hydrographic Office) for IHO and reproduced with permission from IHO.

    References (Glossary)

    • Emiliani, C: Dictionary of the Physical Sciences: Terms, Formulas, Data. Oxford University Press 1987
    • Hatfield, HR (Cdr RN): Admiralty Manual of Hydrographic Surveying: Volume 2 Chapter 2: Tides and Tidal Streams. The Hydrographer of the Navy, Taunton Somerset. 1969
    • 1. Introduction to Tidal Theory

    • 2. Introduction to Tidal Stream

      • 3. Levels and Datum

        • 4. Observations Equipment and Procedures

          • 5. Installing A Radar Type Tide Gauge

            • 6. Post-observation Data Processing

              • 3. Advanced - Tides and Water level: Levels and datums

                • Topic 8

                  • Topic 9