Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This course provides an overview of the current status of regional ocean climate and the common coastal disasters that pose threats to the economic and social development in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides an opportunity for participants to exchange the research progress on climate change, sea level rise and assessment, ocean disaster mitigation, etc. One day will be dedicated to operation and maintenance of ocean observing system in the Asia-Pacific region, from which the in-situ oceanographic and meteorological data are critical to ocean and climate studies. The course is a mix of both practical and theoretical sessions.

    Aims and Objectives

    • Share the research progresses on climate change, sea level rising, ocean and climate data QC, adaptation to ocean and coastal disaster, etc. 
    • Improve the awareness of importance of ocean observing system and its data& information
    • Improve the future regional capacity in adaption to climate change and promote the sustainable development. 

    Learning Outcomes

    • Knowledge and understanding of regional climate change
    • Awareness of status and importance of ocean observing system at national and regional level
    • Improved met-ocean data quality control/quality assurance and their application in scientific analysis
  • Lecture 1

    Regional oceanography in both the tropical Indian Ocean and the South China Sea
    Prof. WANG Dongxiao (South China Sea Institute of Oceanology)

    • Lecture 2

      Development and experience of impact-based decision support service and early warning system in China
      Dr PAN Jinjun (China Meteorological Administration)

      • Lecture 3

        Risk assessment of coastal disasters in China and implication
        Dr FANG Jiayi (East China Normal University)

        • Lecture 4

          Ocean observations and ocean modelling
          Dr YU Huaming (Ocean University of China)

          • Lecture 5

            The technology and experiences of RMIC/AP on the data accuracy and assurance for the moored buoys and its sensors
            Dr YU Jianqing (National Center for Ocean Standards and Metrology)

            • Participant presentations

              • Lecture 6

                Sea level variation and change: Regulation, attribution and prediction
                Prof ZUO Juncheng (Zhejiang Ocean University)

                • Lecture 7

                  Sea level change and impact on China coastal region
                  Dr WANG Hui (National Marine Data and Information Service)

                  • Participant presentations

                    • Lecture 8

                      Data processing and quality control of ocean observations
                      Dr LIU Shouhua (National Marine Data and Information Service)

                      • Field trip

                        Tianjin Marine Environmental Monitoring Central Station

                        • Certificates to participants

                          • Course Videos