Topic outline

  • General

    Course Summary

    This course will demonstrate the IODE Ocean Data Portal V2. The focus will be on ODP Data Provider for national nodes (NODCs). This course includes some specific topics like introduction to Linux OS and application server which are used as operating environment. This course can be also used for wide auditory to gain better understanding about the IODE Ocean Data Portal and it's capabilities.

    Ocean Data Portal

    • Formally established in 2007 as a program under the IODE and supported by the Partnership Centre for IODE Ocean Data Portal, Russian Federation
    • Seeks to provide open and and seamless access to marine data collections in an enabling and globally distributed environment
    • Facilitates discovery, evaluation, and access to data
    • Provides benefits to both data providers and data users
    • Focuses on standards, technology, people, and capacity planning 


    • Dr. Sergei Belov
    • Sergey Sukhonosov


  • Session 1 - Introduction to IODE Ocean Data Portal V2

    Lecturers: Sergei Belov

    Enabling Science through seamless and open access to marine data           
    IODE-ODP: technological framework of new IODE system
    Architecture of IODE ODP v.2
    ODP Data Provider Overview
    ODP Interoperability Package


  • Session 2 - ODP Data Provider - data connect and share

    Introduction to JBoss application server
    ODP V2 Data Provider package overview
    Technical and operational requirements
    Deployment Process
    Settings and Priorities
    Providers identification rules
  • Session 3 - Metadata maintenance



    Metadata templates and patterns

    Metadata Quality Procedures

    Monitoring Procedure

    Using Virtual DP Capabilities