Increased activity in the coastal and marine environment has led to two important types of conflicts in the region: (1) conflicts among human uses (user-user conflicts); and (2) conflicts between human uses and the coastal and marine environment (user-environment conflicts). These conflicts weaken the ability of the ocean to provide the necessary ecosystem services upon which humans and all other life depend on. This course provides an introductory, but comprehensive, overview of CMSP. It focuses on describing a logical sequence of all the steps required to achieve desired goals and objectives for coastal and marine areas. This course does not focus on the technical details of any one of the steps and it is not intended to be a course that will help to develop a marine GIS or implement a performance monitoring system. When available, references to existing technical guides, handbooks, and websites are suggested in the course materials. This course can help professionals at the international, regional, national, and sub-national levels who want to know more about the promise and potential of CMSP as a way to achieve multiple goals and objectives, including sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation within a specified coastal and marine area.