The training course Marine Species Distribution modeling covers the background knowledge on marine biogeography, and the technical aspects needed to develop Species Distribution Models. Students will be trained in the basics of statistical modeling and guided through the modeling phases: compile distribution data from open access databases (e.g. OBIS) and environmental information from publically available ecological data layers using Geographic Information Systems, make informed decisions on parameter settings and select the best methods for developing distribution models, forecast distributions under different Climate Change scenarios, validate models and incorporate results in scientific manuscripts and technical reports.

The course includes theoretical lectures and hands-on exercises using predominantly case studies of marine macroalgae. Students are encouraged to bring their own datasets.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand distributions of marine organism and predict shifts in response to Climate Change.
  • Develop skills for taking the best decisions and applying the correct statistical tools needed for Species Distribution Modeling (SDM).
  • Being able to discuss the results of SDM into scientific manuscripts and technical reports, and defend them to a wide audience.
  • Understand the strengths and limitations when applying SDM to real cases.
  • Recognize the importance of good practice in Species Distribution Modeling