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El curso proporciona una introducción al Sistema de Información Biogeográfica de los Océanos (Ocean Biogeographic Information System - OBIS). Esto incluye las mejores prácticas en la gestión de los datos biogeográficos marinos, publicación de los datos para su libre acceso (IPT), acceso a los datos, organización, análisis y su visualización.

Metas y Objetivos

  • Ampliar la red de colaboradores OBIS.
  • Mejorar la calidad de los datos biogeográficos marinos.
  • Aumentar el conocimiento de las normas internacionales y las mejores prácticas relacionadas con los datos biogeográficos marinos.
  • Aumentar la cantidad de datos de libre acceso publicados através de OBIS y sus nodos del OBIS.
  • Incrementar el uso de datos de OBIS para la ciencia, la conservación de las especies y las aplicaciones de gestión basadas en áreas.

Category: OBIS

The course provides an introduction to the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS). This includes best practices in marine biogeographic data management, data publication, data access, data analysis and data visualisation. 

Aims and Objectives
- Expand the OBIS network of collaborators
- Improve marine biogeographic data quality
- Increase awareness of international standards and best practices related to marine biogeographic data
- Increase the amount of open access data published through OBIS and its OBIS nodes
- Increase the use of data from OBIS for science, species conservation and area-based management applications

Learning Outcomes
- Knowledge and understanding of OBIS structure, mission and objectives
- Installation and management of IPT
- Use of Darwin Core standards for species occurrence records, taxonomy, event/sample records and additional biological and environmental parameters.
- Data quality control tools
- Publishing data through IPT and contributing datasets to OBIS
- Use of OBIS data access (SQL, web service, API/R). 
- Data visualisation tools (ArGIS online, …) 

Target Audience
- Marine data managers
- Staff of NODCs or ADUs/OBIS nodes working with marine biodiversity data
- Principle Investigators of major marine biodiversity expeditions
- National marine biodiversity focal points

Category: OBIS

A Marine Spatial Planning exercise using OBIS data and many other geographically referenced layers. Participants play a role game in which they have to propose in consensus a different management options for a proposed Marine Managed Area. During the exercise, the participants will practice some of the main principles of the marine spatial planning methodology.

Category: OBIS

The aim of this workshop is to connect the deepsea biological community to OBIS, with the aim to establish a deepsea OBIS node and develop a customised deepsea OBIS data portal.
This is in response to the call from the OBIS Steering Group meeting (Feb 2015) to liaise with INDEEP and O'Hara et al (2015) to establish a global deep-sea biodiversity data-sharing platform.

Topics of the meeting:

  • Training deep-sea scientists in data management (OBIS standards and best practices)? and data access and data processing using OBIS
  • Hands-on data curation and archeology (digitizing historical datasets and QA/QC of existing datasets in OBIS)
  • Design of a new OBIS deep-sea data and information portal (which products would be useful for making it policy-relevant?), connecting OBIS with other information systems (e.g. WoRDDS, Deep-sea species traits, deep-sea vocabs)
  • Sustainability (develop a work plan, share responsibilities and tasks, funding)

References: O’Hara, T.; Tittensor, D.; Baker, M.; Stocks, K.; Appeltans, W. (2015). A global deep-sea biodiversity data-sharing platform. Deep-Sea Life 6: 12

Category: OBIS 2016

The course will cover the following topics:

1. Retrieving data and metadata from of OBIS and WoRMS (web portal, web services, GIS)
2. Data Quality Control tools (OBIS Quality Control: LifeWatch QC tools and Name Matching Strategy)
3. Biogeographic and Biodiversity data and metadata standards
4. Retrieving data and metadata from AfrOBIS and AfReMAS: procedures, formats, upload data and metadata via AfrOBIS IPT
5. Open topics (based on needs assessment via application form)

Category: OBIS 2014
Category: OBIS 2014

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