Topic outline

  • General

    Lesson 1 in the course is a very detailed, lengthy PPT that you will not cover in one continuous session. You will return to it several times during the week, in order to complete the physical construction of a new website. Lesson 2 is exactly the same: a very long PDF that will take several session to complete.

    You must have Adobe Reader installed and selected as the viewer for PDF files (not Acrobat in your browser). In the Reader, select VIEW > PAGE DISPLAY > SINGLE PAGE CONTINUOUS for easy reading.

    1. Topic 1

      MONDAY 9:00-17:15; TUESDAY 9:00-13:00. How to make a website in 250 easy steps.
    2. Topic 2

      TUESDAY 14:00-17:15. Developing Websites: The Basics and Guidelines
    3. Topic 3

      WEDNESDAY 9:00-13:00. Images for a Website

      • Topic 4

        THURSDAY 9:00-13:00. Creating a personal web site (theory and practical work) (as a motivating case)

        • Topic 5

          FRIDAY 9:00-10:30. Collecting and investigating usage statistics. Investigating hyperlinks to your www pages and to your www site
          • Topic 6

            FRIDAY 14:00-15:30. Creating documents for both printing and computer-based distribution

            • Topic 7

              FRIDAY 16:00-17:15. Open for Q&A, all instructors, all topics
            • Topic 8