Topic outline

  • General


    Joomla is an open-source web content management system (CMS). It enables a user to quickly create and manage web content without the need for knowledge of a web markup language such as HTML or a scripting language like PHP. Being an open-source system it can be used by and modified by anyone. Thousands of open-source as well as commercial extensions and plugins make Joomla highly flexible and easily extensible. In this course, the students will be introduced to Joomla and its various capabilities. Including:

    • Creating Articles
    • Uploading and managing images
    • Creating menus
    • Enhancing article display
    • Arranging content of the website

    At the end of this course a student will be able to create and manage basic web content with Joomla.

    Prerequisite for this course includes:

    • Basic knowledge of using a web browser
    • Document creation using a word processor
    • Topic 1

      Exercise 1: Logging Into Your Joomla Website

      Goal: To login into your Joomla website from the administrator interface and access Joomla Control Panel

    • Topic 2

      Exercise 2: Creating A Basic Text Article

      Goal: Create a basic article with appropriate settings and some basic text.

      Result:  You are now ready with your first Joomla article.

    • Topic 3

      Exercise 3: Adding Images To A Text Articles

      Goal: To add images to Article

      Result:  You should have a article with inserted image. You can insert more images in the article. Please note: It is always a good idea to use low-resolution images in web-content as these take up less space on the server and load quickly.

    • Topic 4

      Exercise 4: Creating Menu Item

      Goal: To create a menu item so that an article can be accessed from the front-end.

      Result: You should now have your first menu item displayed on the front page, under the “Main Menu”. You can access the linked article by clicking in the menu item

    • Topic 5

      Exercise 5: Creating “Read More”

      Goal: To insert a “Read More” link in the article

      Result:  You should now have the “Read More” Link inserted in your article. Text before the “Read More” link will be displayed in the list of articles. A “more…” link will be displayed in the front-end article list, which will direct the reader to the full article text.v

    • Topic 6

      Exercise 6: Creating “Page Break”

      Goal: To create a page break to improve the structure of a long article.

      Result: You should now have a page with page breaks and a small auto-generated index for the article. A reader can use the auto-generated index to navigate within the article and avoid scrolling long pages.

    • Topic 7

      Assignment: Create more articles

      Goal: To use the skills acquired from the previous exercises and create at least 5 articles

      Result: By the end of this exercise you should have at least 5 articles in the article manager.

    • Topic 8

      Exercise 7: Create categories

      Goal: To create Joomla categories to arrange content

      Result: You have now created your first category. You can create categories and subcategories to arrange your content. Number of categories/sub-categories depend on the content requirements of your website.