Topic outline

  • General

  • 9/30 Course Intro / DAM Overview - AD Smith


    • Introductions
    • Housekeeping Issues
    • Course Overview
    • Learning Outcomes
  • 9/30 - 10/1 DAM Overview - AD Smith

    • History of the concept
    • Definitions
    • Working definition for the course
  • 10/1 E-Science - AD Smith

    This section will provide a primer on the e-research process, from the perspective of managing digital assets

  • 10/1 Institutional Assessment of DA - AD Smith

  • 10/1-10/2 Institutional Assessment of DA - Exercise

  • 10/2 Preservation Metadata and Digital Rights Management - L Pikula

  • 10/2 Digital Collection Development Policy - L. Pikula



  • 10/2 Data Mining for Libraries - L Pikula

  • 10/2 Data Citation and Linking (with Practical Examples in Marine Science) - L Pikula



  • 10/3 Resource Inventory - AD Smith


  • 10/3 Resource Inventory - Exercise

  • 10/3 Identifying Resource Deficiencies - AD Smith

    Includes exercise 

  • 10/4 Writing the Implemenation Plan - AD Smith

     What are we trying to accomplish?

    Creation of an Implementation Plan/Proposal to include:

    1.Brief overview of DAM and its benefits to the organization.  How it supports the mission of your organization.

    2.Suggest presenting it as a “phase 1” program or “proof of concept.”  Which assets are a priority for this phase and why? Brief description of 3 asset groups.  Create an appendix with all technical details for each asset group.

    3.What resources do you currently have in place to support this effort.? Which are needed?

    4.  How does one measure/demo success?
    5.  How does DAM make our organization better?

    6. Describe any opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, for shared responsibility.

  • 10/4 Writing the Implementation Plan - Exercise


  • 10/4 Implementation Plan - Presentations

    1.Convincing argument that there is a real need
    2.How you intend to address this need
    3.Who will benefit?  Is this a model?  Are there any benefits to those of us in the room?
    • Conclusions

      • Review
      • Questions/Discussion
      • Ceremony