Topic outline

  • General

    Course overview:
    Although some institutions are in the advanced stages of participating in well-managed e-repositories, the deployment of repositories is still patchy. This course will discuss the expertise and resources to provide the confidence required to address and manage the present and future repository agenda. It will focus on developments in the aquatic field.

    Target Audience:
    - People who:
    • manage the publication output of their organization
    • Plan to set up a repository
    - Information Managers
    - Repository Managers
    - Data Librarians
    - Librarians

    Learning objectives:
    - Insight into Open Access
    - Insight in publication and data repositories
    - Set up and manage an institutional or thematic repository
    - Development of a policy for the visibility and preservation of the research output of the organization

    Course prerequisites:
    - Basic Knowledge of
    • Computer Literacy
    • Digital Environment
    • Cataloguing and/or management of publications or data
    • Good command of the English language

    Topics to be covered:
    - Open Access and repositories
    • Open Access overview
    • Marine repositories
    • OceanDocs , Aquatic Commons and AVANO
    • Harvesters: OAIster – VOA3R
    • Data repositories
    - Repository software:
    • Overview
    • AgriOcean Dspace
    - Open standards and exchangeability: Metadata formats, Authority control
    - Development of an institutional repository policy:
    • Advocacy and Gaining Content
    • Copyright – overview and institutional policy
    - Future repository trends: Linked Open Data, Research Data
                                Management, Digital Content Curation etc


    • Pauline Simpson - Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Cayman Islands
    • Marc Goovaerts - University of Hasselt, Belgium
    • Adi Naik-Kakodar - IOC Project Office for IODE, Oostende, Belgium
    • Christophe Dupriez - DESTIN inc. SSEB, Belgium
    • Lisa Raymond MBLWHOI Library, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA


    8 - 12 April 2013, IOC Project Office for IODE, Oostende, Belgium

    Pre-Course Assignment:

    1.  Prepare a 3 minute Powerpoint presentation about your repository or plans for a repository.
    2.  Review the OceanDocs Repository ( in terms of aesthestics; usability; functionality.

  • Topic 1

    by Claudia Delgado, Pauline Simpson and Marc Goovaerts (via Webex)

    General Introductions

    Course Overview

  • Topic 2

     Participants Presentations on their e-Repositories

     Pre-Course Assignment:

     1. Provide a 3 minute Powerpoint presentation about your repository or repository plans.

    2.  Review and document the OceanDocs Repository ( in terms of aesthetics, usability and functionality.

  • Topic 3

     by Pauline Simpson

     Open Access:

             The Debate
             Repository Role

  • Topic 4

     by Pauline Simpson

     Implementing a Repository:

             Issues: Management, Technical, Cultural

    Practical: Review of Marine science repositories

  • Topic 5

     by Marc Goovaerts

     Repository software: 

            ePrints - DSpace


  • Topic 6

     by Marc Goovaerts

     Repository software:     

          Open standards, interoperability
          Metadata Formats
          Authority Control  

  • Topic 7

     by Marc Goovaerts


          Example of a social research platform

  • Topic 8

     by Marc Goovaerts

     VOA3R – community exercise

    • Topic 9

      by Marc Goovaerts

       AgriOcean DSpace Software and installation

      Important Links:
      -          AgriOcean DSpace at AIMS ( contains besides technical information and support material also a forum where topics and issues can be discussed.
      -          Google code – AgriOcean DSpace: The latest easy-to-install version is available at
      -          AgriOcean DSpace Tutorials available at
      -          DSpace 1.7.2 documentation available at:

    • Topic 10

      by Marc Goovaerts

       Practical exercise:

           Installing AgriOceanDspace - basics

      • Topic 11

        by Aditya Naik-Kakodkar and Christophe Dupriez

        OceanExpert & Semantic Web

      • Topic 12

        by Marc Goovaerts

        Future repository trends:

              Aquatic Standards
              An Aquatic Research Platform / OceanKnowledge  


        • Topic 13

           by Pauline Simpson

           Repository tools for managers:


        • Topic 14

           by Pauline Simpson

           Repository tools for managers:

                Stakeholder Interests     

        • Topic 15

            by Pauline Simpson

           Repository tools for managers:


        • Topic 16

           by Lisa Raymond (via Webex)

           Future repository trends:

                Repositories and Published Data

        • Topic 17

           by Pauline Simpson

           Future repository trends:

                New Roles for Information Professionals: Research Data Management and Digital Content Curation

        • Topic 18

           by Marc Goovaerts, Pauline Simpson and Aditya Naik-Kakodkar

          OceanDocs Evaluation Form
          Copyright Exercise
          VOA3R survey
          Dataset Citation
          AgriOcean DSpace Installation


          Repository clinic:     

                Following this course - What can you achieve immediately?

          • Topic 19

             by Marc Goovaerts, Pauline Simpson and Claudia Delgado

             Course Evaluations and Certificate Presentations

            OceanExpert Update

            Students Feedback (SurveyMonkey)