The collection and organization of data is an integral and critical part of a research process. Management of research data is a service area of increasing interest to researchers and data managers. It covers the planning, creating, storing, organizing, accessing, sharing, describing, publishing and curating of data. Most public funded research have listed data as a key deliverable hence the need for skills on how to access, preserve and archive data.
Marine information managers are increasingly seen as major contributors to RDM activities in general and in the design of research data services (RDS) in particular. They promote research by providing services for storage, discovery and access, liaise and partner with researchers and data centers to foster an inter-operable infrastructure for the above services. Most information managers are looking for opportunities to develop their RDM related skills.

Course Objectives
The course will provide comprehensive training in research data management in order to lay the foundations for a common approach for research data management amongst researchers, repositories and facilities (including libraries) that manage marine data, thereby helping to ensure that the data is accessible, standardized and maintained over time.