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Welcome to the OceanTeacher OpenCourseWare site.

OceanTeacher is a comprehensive web-based training system that supports Classroom training (face-to-face), Blended training (combining classroom and distance learning), online tutoring and online self-learning.

OceanTeacher has been developed as a training system for ocean data managers (working in ocean data centres), marine information managers (marine librarians) as well as for marine researchers who wish to acquire knowledge on data and/or information management. In addition OceanTeacher is being used for training in other related disciplines.

OceanTeacher has two main components: the OceanTeacher Digital Library (a collection of knowledge and resources) and the OceanTeacher OpenCourseWare - the site you are visiting now - (a collection of course outlines and courseware).

When the Digital Library and OpenCourseWare are used together for a training event this is called an OceanTeacher Classroom. The collection of all training instances constitutes the OceanTeacher Academy.

Creative Commons LicenseAll OceanTeacher content is freely and openly available and access does not require registration. OceanTeacher content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

If you wish to participate in training events you will need to formally apply and, provided you are accepted for a course, you will also need to register online (to create your online account). In order to start preparing for the course (pre-course assignments) you will need to enrol for the course.

Classroom courses are organized either at the IOC Project Office for IODE (Oostende, Belgium) or other training facilities.

Available courses are listed below.

Course calendar for the first semester of 2014:

Dates Course Title Applications
10-14 March ODINAFRICA Training Course on Ocean Data Portal available for ODINAFRICA countries only
17-21 March ODINAFRICA Training Course on Marine Biodiversity Data Management available for ODINAFRICA countries only
5-9 May OBIS Nodes Training Course NA
20-22 May SeaDataNet-2 Training Course available for SDN2 Members only
26-30 May OT & SPINCAM e-Repositories Training Course available for SPINCAM Members only
23-26 June OceanTeacher Global Academy: GTSPP Training Course Closed (18 Feb - 30 March 2014)
April - September African Summer School on Application of Ocean and Coastal Data and Modelling products available for ODINAFRICA countries only
10-14 November International Training Course on Ocean Colour Remote Sensing - Data, Processing and Applications

Closed (http://www.incois.gov.in/Incois/ITCOocean_OCRS.jsp)

8-11 December Quality Management System Essentials for NODCs Closed (6 August - 25 September restricted to NODCs and ADUs staff members)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      To apply to an OceanTeacher course please read and follow carefully the instructions under Registration.

Download the OceanTeacher Application Form for the current year.

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